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Quantum Premium Modules Group

Quantum Premium Modules Group represents a partnership for investments in this field, established by the management of company. Quantum Modules Premium Modular Building System is the modular housing division of the group, and Quantum OxyGo Park is the residential division of the group.

Quantum Premium Modules Group aims to develop mixed residential projects, consisting of low-rise housing, green houses, energy-efficient villas, as well as complementary projects, commercial projects, projects for the development of social and shopping facilities, in the South of the metropolitan area of the Capital, an area in continuous expansion.

At the moment, Quantum Premium Modules Group is developing through its residential projects division, the villas projects: Quantum OxyGo Park Berceni and Quantum OxyGo Park Vidra.

Through the modular housing division, Quantum Modules Premium Modular Building System, the group is developing the Quantum OxyGo Park project, the first modular housing project in Romania.

Also, Quantum Modules Premium Modular Building System inaugurated in mid-2022 the first permanent modular housing exhibition in Europe, located in Ilfov County, Berceni. You can visit it from Monday to Saturday, where approximately 50 models of such constructions are displayed.”

About Factory-produced Modular Homes on Various Types of Structures

 By General Manager Alexandra Baicoianu

What exactly are modular homes, and how should they be described?

A modular home is a lightweight construction that can be quickly delivered to the client’s location, with assembly taking place on-site. It is much more affordable than a traditional home built of concrete and brick. Some of these homes are mobile, allowing them to be relocated wherever needed, even in hard-to-reach areas.

Moreover, they can be entirely self-sufficient if desired and can be set up virtually anywhere, such as on a beach, a mountaintop, or areas where access for heavy machinery is nearly impossible.

Generally, prefabricated homes are durable and safe structures that can be produced in a very short time within a factory setting. These homes are highly earthquake-resistant and can also be referred to as ready-made homes.

Recently, the interest from buyers for this type of construction has increased significantly!

The vocabulary surrounding this type of construction is very extensive and is constantly growing due to its increasingly significant role in the real estate market worldwide.

This type of property is also becoming more popular in Europe, especially as people are looking for a lifestyle change, likely also as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

One of the major advantages of purchasing a prefab house is the price, which is usually significantly lower than that of traditional constructions, thus not posing the risk of exceeding the initial budget.

Another advantage of industrialized construction is the execution time, which clearly differentiates from traditional construction. With industrialized construction, the standardization of processes and manufacturing in a controlled environment, where there are far fewer variables, provides much shorter execution times than conventional homes, with the subsequent saving of indirect costs.

This type of construction has many other uses; it’s not strictly used as a residence or vacation home.

Yes, they can be designed and produced for very different purposes and used in many sectors and fields of activity.

They can be used as accommodation areas, site administration offices, various units for the Horeca industry or the hospitality industry, where they are highly sought after by clients for guesthouses and even holiday complexes made of this type of house offered for rent as hotels.

Although prefab houses are considered simple, affordable structures with an unimpressive appearance, quite luxurious houses can be produced with a modern design and durable, high-quality structures where thousands of people can stay safely for extended periods.

Today, all over the world, thousands of such modular, prefabricated constructions are produced daily, on various types of light structures, such as wooden structured houses or houses on a simple metal frame or on a modular metal frame, houses from Sip panels or Timber Frame. The manufacturing factories’ capacity to produce and deliver very large and multiple structures in a very short time is increasing day by day.

What are the most important advantages of these types of constructions that I need to know if I am looking for a residence of this kind for vacation or if I want to invest in a small business?

  • Modular houses are durable, fast in execution and assembly, have high thermal and sound insulation, are ecological, do not harm the environment, like reinforced concrete structures, are fire resistant, do not involve long construction periods, and you can own such a house in just a few weeks.

  • Prefabricated houses offer you a large number of advantages compared to classic houses, which is the main reason why they are increasingly sought after today.

  • They have a flexible design, different house models are possible, both inside and outside, you can opt for many: large terrace, covered or not, you decide in the end as a customer.

  • The prices of the prefabricated house are much more economical than the reinforced concrete structures of a conventionally built house.

  • For a prefabricated house, we don’t have to save money for years, because they are affordable and in addition to that, my colleagues have prepared all kinds of financial solutions together with the commercial banks.

  • The prefabricated houses are produced in the factory and are assembled only in the field, the completion time being only a few days.

  • The prefabricated houses are built from modern materials, which offer energy efficiency and additional safety.

  • Prefabricated houses are not exposed to moisture, the walls remain dry and mold-free.

  • The price of a modular house is much lower than the price of a normal house with similar dimensions.

  • The realization of all the component elements of the house are perfectly straight, which ultimately leads to a very easy and cheap execution of the interior finishes.

  • Each component element of the modular houses is obtained through very precise processing methods, which results in the fact that at the end there are no imperfections to correct, as happens in the case of classically built houses.

Do these buildings need a foundation or not?

This type of construction is a light construction and for this reason, the light weight of the structure implies the design and execution of foundations of smaller sizes, which also implies low costs here, so the answer is yes, we need a simplified foundation if we want a house large-sized modular with a generous terrace, and if we want a small-sized house, it comes with ground mounting systems that replace the old foundation, as in the case of pillars or support pillars.

Are modular houses ecological constructions?

The construction of modular homes is more ecological than any other construction made in the traditional way.

Construction materials designed to the millimeter are used, and the effective recycling of the leftovers is possible for most of the building components of the house.

This means that all excess materials can later be easily recycled both in the factory and in any other workshop.

Consequently, while the waste from a conventional construction site usually goes to a warehouse or maybe even to the landfill, the waste from a modular home is recycled.

The construction time in general will be reduced due to the simultaneous works, both on the site for the foundation and utilities, as well as in the factory for the construction of the house itself, so a very low consumption of resources.

So, prefabricated houses are manufactured in a rigorously monitored and verified production environment, where quality is at the forefront. The production process generates less waste than the production of an ordinary house, and the materials are 100% recyclable.

What are the costs of such a house?

Prefabricated houses have the advantage of being completed in a much shorter time, such as 60-75% faster, compared to a conventional construction made of reinforced concrete and brick.

The construction period, which lasts weeks or even months in the reinforced concrete system, usually does not exceed one week in the case of prefabricated houses.

This makes prefabricated house models incomparably more advantageous than other housing models.

The cumbersome and expensive labor element of a concrete house, which has an important place in the housing financing budget, is practically eliminated by this new system of simple assembly of prefabricated components.

The advantage offered in this situation motivates those who want to own a prefabricated modular house, regardless of the type of structure chosen.

The prices of prefabricated houses differ depending on the model or properties of the prefabricated houses, the size of the house, its shape, the type of house chosen, but always such a house is much more financially accessible than any other house in its class.

When will all this be ready and what is the purpose of this new showroom?

Modular houses are becoming an increasingly popular construction option and demanded by the local real estate market, so we decided to enter this market and position ourselves strongly from the beginning.

Quantum Modules Premium Modular Building System is only the first of a series of three showrooms that we want to open by 2023-2024, so the plans are much broader, but it remains to be seen if they will change along the way because we are going through a period with many changes and major turbulences.

The first showroom has 5,000 square meters of outdoor exhibition space, where 30 of over 50 different models of modular houses are already present and already delivers the most dynamic and interactive experience, thanks to the multiple complementary facilities offered to its visitors, such as technical demonstration areas , work areas, information, relaxation and sales areas.

Basically, we selected the best modular house builders in Europe with whom we entered into a business relationship and we started bringing their products to our new showroom, but we also have our own products on display, executed by us through our divisions, houses modularization on different types of structures that we can execute quickly and customize according to the wishes of our clients.

Our clients can opt for five different types of structures on which these constructions can be carried out by our technical teams, and these are: houses on timber frame type Timber Frame, houses made of heat-insulating SIP panels, houses on metal structure container type , houses on a light metal structure and, last but not least, houses or modules on a reinforced concrete structure, conventional constructions that we can, of course, execute to order easily considering that we have all the necessary competence and resources.

Our visitors have the opportunity to physically visit different types and models of houses in the showroom, they can be inspired by their architecture, they can interact with our technicians, they can practically witness the entire process of assembling such a modular construction and they can better understand how finishes such a house thanks to the various workshops and technical moments prepared by us.

Also in the Quantum Modules showroom, an exhibition dedicated to construction materials, finishes and equipment necessary for the execution process of a modular house is permanently open, from insulation products, ceramics, sanitary items, adhesives, various claddings to technical heating solutions such as photovoltaic panels or heat pumps offered by our Avalon Romania Building Industry technical division at promotional prices.

The atmosphere is very dynamic and interesting, and the experience of visiting the new showroom is unforgettable because this concept is currently unique in Europe.

Future customers of Quantum Modules Premium Modular Building System would like to know as much as possible.

I think the discussion is quite broad and we have provided a lot of information so far about our products and about the first showroom opened in Romania by us, but perhaps we should still mention that we have obtained a full green certification for all the products sold by us following the partnership with the Romanian Council of Green Buildings (RoGBC) and that says a lot about our products.

I would also like to add that 95% of these models present in the showroom have received class A energy certification following their audit by a specialist in the field, so there are two very important aspects for our future customers that I would like them to know already for now!

How many people are now involved in this project, how large is the Quantum Premium Modules Group team?

I work with many wonderful people in this project, I rely a lot on the SudResidential team, but as well as the structure, you should know that we have our own architecture house available to our clients, our own structural engineers who check us daily or rather check and guides the clients where appropriate, well-known designers who arrange the interiors of the houses as the clients want, technicians present daily in the showroom or in the field for ongoing projects, assembly teams, wonderful people who take care of the finishing and furnishing part, sales advisors , financial specialists who provide financing or advise those who want European funds and in general we have staff for any request or need a client may have because we like to be part of our clients’ projects, to bring them to the end together and to enjoy together with these successes.

Where will the other Quantum Premium Modules Group showrooms be located?

The first showroom is already open and is located in the South area, more precisely in the Berceni-Vidra area, where we have merged the other residential projects and the Quantum OxyGo Park project.

Another showroom that we will inaugurate at the end of 2024 is already established in the northern area of the Capital, an excellent area that has intense car and pedestrian traffic.

The third showroom we are working on as of now will open in the western part of the Capital somewhere in Militari, the highway exit so to speak, but not earlier than 2025.

I must mention that the other two showrooms that we will open will have a double exhibition area, i.e. 10,000 square meters, and of course the number of houses presented will double.

Our goal is to offer alternative housing solutions to those who want it and quick construction solutions to those who use these modules for commercial purposes, regardless of whether we are talking about renting or long-term exploitation as a warehouse, hall or event locations.

Today, we are able to prepare from scratch any project that is requested of us, to build quickly and to take it from the idea stage to the end without any obstacle along the way on any type of structure from modular to conventional.

We are a young, dynamic company, attentive and willing to adapt, regardless of the moments the economy or the profile market is going through, and being supported by our investors, we will prove that nothing is impossible for us.

Viziteaza prima expozitie permanenta de case modulare din Europa!

Accesul in showroom este gratuit pentru toti vizitatorii. Pentru a va asigura ca aveti parte de cea mai buna experienta si consultanta de specialitate, va rugam sa completati o scurta fisa de programare

Bulevardul 1 Mai 346 H, Comuna Berceni, Ilfov

Viziteaza prima expozitie permanenta de case modulare din Europa!

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*The information, sketches and images presented on this site are purely informative and are not binding, of any kind, for Sud Rezidential Real Estate SRL or the real estate developers and may undergo changes. The real estate developers reserve the right to make changes to the project

*We recommend that you carefully study the sketches, the real estate project, the location and the neighborhoods, at its location, before booking/purchasing any real estate.

*It is also necessary to check, in advance, the availability of residential units, the offers presented being offered only within the limit of the stock available at a given time;

*For exact information on the situation of a property or the existing stock, please request accurate information from the Sales/Developer Department.

*To the displayed price, the corresponding VAT rate is added, depending on the fiscal provisions applicable to natural or legal persons, as the case may be. The displayed price plus VAT at the standard or reduced rate is applicable only to the extent that the existing fiscal provisions regarding the VAT rate will be maintained until the date of full payment/handover of the modular house, otherwise the Buyer will fully bear any difference of VAT would be due additionally, depending on the legal and fiscal provisions applicable from the date of delivery of the modular house, respectively of its full payment and invoicing.

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