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Wooden modular house

Timber Frame structure


Modular house - SIP panels

Wood structure - heat-insulating panels


Modular house - heavy metal

Container-type metallic structure


Modular house - light metal

Light metal structure, galvanized steel


Conventional construction

Reinforced concrete structure

Homes on wheels (caravan type)

Wood structure on car chassis

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Do you have an urban planning certificate?

Do you have a Geotechnical Study?

Topographic elevation

Do you have an architectural project?

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Architecture services

Interior design services

Construction services

Finishing services


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*The information, sketches and images presented on this site are purely informative and are not binding, of any kind, for Sud Rezidential Real Estate SRL or the real estate developers and may undergo changes. The real estate developers reserve the right to make changes to the project

*We recommend that you carefully study the sketches, the real estate project, the location and the neighborhoods, at its location, before booking/purchasing any real estate.

*It is also necessary to check, in advance, the availability of residential units, the offers presented being offered only within the limit of the stock available at a given time;

*For exact information on the situation of a property or the existing stock, please request accurate information from the Sales/Developer Department.

*To the displayed price, the corresponding VAT rate is added, depending on the fiscal provisions applicable to natural or legal persons, as the case may be. The displayed price plus VAT at the standard or reduced rate is applicable only to the extent that the existing fiscal provisions regarding the VAT rate will be maintained until the date of full payment/handover of the modular house, otherwise the Buyer will fully bear any difference of VAT would be due additionally, depending on the legal and fiscal provisions applicable from the date of delivery of the modular house, respectively of its full payment and invoicing.

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