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Modular houses on light metal structure


It is considered to be the most adaptable constructive, innovative system that can be customized according to the needs and wishes of each client. The light metal structure made of S350 galvanized steel allows the realization of both industrial and residential projects, and the production and assembly time is usually a few days, depending on the scale of the project.

Galvanized steel, the basic material of light metal structures

The basic material of such a structure is galvanized steel, an alloy with excellent properties, which goes through a galvanizing process to deal with rust and scratches.

Properties of steel

Steel is an iron alloy with at least 12% chromium in the composition and with a low carbon content. The chromium content gives it resistance to corrosion, by forming an invisible but very durable layer of chromium oxide, which resists brilliantly in corrosive environments and regenerates itself in case of mechanical or chemical alterations.

For greater protection, the steel is subjected to the galvanizing process, being covered with zinc oxide. Metal profiles obtained by galvanizing are called galvanized metal profiles

There are several types of galvanized metal profiles (S350 GD with galvanization of 275 g/m2, S280GD with galvanization of 275 g/m2 or S280 GD with galvanization of 225 g/m2), obtained from galvanized steel sheet. It complies with all the quality standards imposed in the field:

  • They comply with SR EN 10143 and SR EN 10346 standards
  • The shape and size tolerance meets the requirements of SR EN 10162 standards
  • The performance characteristics of the products are in accordance with the standards SR EN 1090-1+A1, SR EN 1090-2+A1 and with the execution projects

The profiles used in the metal structures can be pre-drilled automatically and are obtained through the progressive cold forming of sheet metal strips, which pass through several sets of rollers.

The technical characteristics of galvanized metal profiles

  • C-type thin-walled metal profiles have a width between 80 mm (C80) and 280 mm (C280)
  • The wall thickness of a profile is between 0.5 and 2.5 mm
  • Profiles must be marked. The marking is done on the side and includes: the manufacturer’s name, the code, the quality control mark
  • The surface of the galvanized metal profiles is passivated
  • Their manufacturing length varies between 1.6 and 13 m

Zinc plating. How is it done and what are its advantages?

Zinc plating has several roles:

  • The role of preventing metal corrosion. The iron in the steel component reacts very easily to contact with oxygen and humidity, zinc being a barrier that protects it from these elements;
  • The role of developing a layer of zinc oxides, salts and other compounds, which provides additional protection;
  • The role of protecting against scratches;
  • Aesthetic role. Zinc can also contribute to the general appearance of the profiles, its glossy appearance being very attractive;

Galvanizing can be done in several ways, the most common being hot-dip galvanizing and electro-galvanizing.

Thermal galvanizing

It is made by immersing the steel in molten zinc, after the surface of the base metal has been properly cleaned.


It is made by applying a layer of zinc through electrolysis.

Coating structural steel elements with zinc can provide durable protection against corrosion, with a lifespan of over 50 years under certain conditions. However, the corrosion resistance does not depend only on the presence of the zinc layer, but also on factors such as the corrosive environment and the thickness of the zinc layer.

Also, the quality of the zinc layer depends on the composition of the steel it covers. It is recommended to respect the following values:

  • between 0.12%-0.25% siliciu;
  • 0.25% phosphorus;
  • max 0.2% carbon;
  • max 1.5% manganese.

What are the advantages of constructions made of galvanized metal profiles?

Many beneficiaries choose houses with a metal structure made of galvanized metal profiles or industrial constructions on the same structure, for several reasons:

  • Reduced execution terms and costs

  • Reduced execution terms and costs

  • Quick work. Most often, the holes for the joint screws are given directly on the production line

  • Eliminating the need for sandblasting, priming or painting, necessary in the case of classic metal structures

  • Fast machining of assemblies due to screw joints

  • The low weight of the elements generates low transport costs

  • Quick, easy and cheap installation on site

  • The accuracy of execution and details

  • High durability over time, without high maintenance costs

  • The possibility of disassembly and reassembly in another location

  • Ecological material. Constructions made of galvanized metal profiles are recyclable

  • Very good resistance to earthquakes. The behavior of metallic structures made of galvanized profiles to seismic action is remarkable

How are galvanized metal profiles manufactured?


It is the most complex method of sheet metal processing through plastic deformation, both in terms of the equipment and the management of the process, as well as, above all, due to the phenomena that occur in the material.

The material, in the form of a tin roll, is deformed in a mold, in order to obtain a spatial structure, hollow and with thin walls. During the transition from a flat to a spatial form, different stress states appear in different areas of the material, which lead to the initial deformation and modification of the material.

The embossing coefficient:

mmax= 0.45 … 0.60 – for the first embossing

mmax= 0.65 … 0.80 – for the following embossings

Perforation (Drilling)

It is a process used for the mechanical joining of elements and bolts. Drilling is carried out in compliance with the regulations in force. After completion, the holes must not be adjusted with a file or widened with an oxyacetylene flame.

Cutting (Sectioning profiles)

Cutting can be done using several tools: scissors, saw, disc, thermal cutting machines or water jet cutting machines. The cutting of the profiles must comply with the requirements regarding the geometric tolerance, the maximum hardness and the roughness of the edges. The surfaces to be cut must be clean and dry.

Do you want to build a house with a structure made of galvanized metal profiles? We can guide you through a simple process in 4 steps:

Step 1 : Design – We can make complex designs for any idea you have. If you dream of a special house, it can be realized without problems with the help of metal profiles.

Step 2: Production – The execution of metal profiles is done quickly, without dimensional errors or other mistakes. The whole process is done robotically, the results being to the millimeter.

Step 3: Pre-assembly – The metal parts are pre-assembled in such a way that the assembly can be carried out with the greatest ease. Even the beneficiaries can assemble their own houses.

Step 4: Assembly – We don’t let you assemble your house yourself, we assemble it ourselves, at no additional cost.

Useful information:

The design, production and assembly process takes between 30 and 60 days (up to 5 times faster than in the case of conventional constructions);
The labor cost is up to 70% lower than in the case of an ordinary house;
We can adapt to any architectural project, regardless of whether it is a residential or industrial project and regardless of the location;
-After 60 days, the house is ready to live in.

What are the main advantages of the houses on the metal structure?

Regardless of the area in which you live, if you need a comfortable, modern, cheap and easy-to-build house, the houses on the metal structure are an inspired choice. They are suitable for any type of use: residential, vacation, rental, etc. The major advantages of the houses on the metal structure are the following:

  1. The structure is very lightweight. Metal profiles are lighter than other construction materials (concrete, masonry or wood), which is a major advantage, both for transport and for assembly. The structure of a metal house can be up to 50-60% lighter than the structure of a wooden house.
  2. The need for a simpler foundation. Due to the reduced weight of the structure, the house needs a much simpler foundation: less deep, with less reinforcement and, obviously, cheaper;
  3. Very good resistance to external factors. The houses on the metal structure behave excellently in the face of earthquakes, bad weather or extreme weather phenomena. The tests performed on the metal structures show that they successfully cope with earthquakes of up to 9.8 degrees on the Richter scale;
  4. Fast construction. The erection and installation of a house on metal profiles is done in a maximum of 60 days. The elements are prefabricated and assembly takes very little time.;
  5. Long life span. A house with a metal structure can last even 150 years, without any problems;
  6. Resistance to pests.
  7. Fire resistance. Galvanized metal profiles do not support and do not contribute to the spread of flames. The risk of fires is therefore much lower;
  8. More usable space. The metal profiles are small in size, which ensures a larger useful surface than in the case of houses made of brick, concrete or wood. In general, the usable area is approximately 10% larger in a house with a metal structure than in a house with a classic structure. If in the case of a classic house of 128 sqm built, the usable area is 98 sqm, in the case of a metal house, the usable area is 110 sqm;
  9. Flexibility in compartmentalization. The possibilities of dividing the space are also much more numerous.
  10. Lower final costs. Both the execution costs, as well as the assembly and subsequent operating costs are lower than in the case of traditional houses.
  11. Freedom regarding the place of construction. Houses made of galvanized metal profiles can be built anywhere. These are ideal both in cities where the available space is limited, as well as in areas where a house on a concrete structure is very difficult to build;
  12. Unlimited options in terms of models. Do you want a classic house? You can build it on the metal structure. Do you want a modern house? The metal structure is the best solution. Do you want a house with very large glazed surfaces? Metal profiles are also the best option for the structure.
  13. Sustainability. The houses on the metal structure are sustainable and are friendly to the environment. They can be 100% recycled, do not require the cutting of trees and do not pollute.
  14. Perfectly straight walls. The metal structure is made with modern technologies, which ensure millimeter precision. Thus, all surfaces are perfectly straight, there are no unsightly beams or pillars and the open spaces are larger and more attractive.
  15. No waste of materials. The losses of materials in the case of a house on a metal structure are almost zero, the whole required being accurately calculated from the project phase;
  16. The possibility of installation in any season. You don’t have to wait for summer to build your house. The houses on the metal structure can be built at any temperature and in any type of weather conditions;

Practically, the houses on the metal structure manage to ensure an excellent quality/price ratio, being easy to build and easy to exploit in the long term. If you want a house that requires small investments, this is one of the best options available to you.

Questions and answers

If you have questions about the houses on the galvanized metal structure, you can contact us and we will be happy to answer you. Some of the answers to the most common questions can be found below:

What is the lifespan of a metal structure house?

Under normal operating conditions, the lifespan of a house on a metal structure can reach up to 150 years.

How long does it take to build a house on a metal structure?

In general, the construction of a house on a metal structure, including finishes, takes up to 90 days. The execution of the foundation takes about one week, the assembly of the structure takes another week, the closures can also be done in one week and the installation part takes about two weeks. The finishes are done in the longest time: approximately 3-4 weeks. In comparison, the construction of a brick house takes at least 5 months.

Are there restrictions regarding the placement of houses on the metal structure?

Not. The houses on the metal structure can be located anywhere: in areas with strong seismic activity, in wild areas, in rural areas, in cities, etc. The only restrictions may be those imposed by the administration of the locality where the house is to be built.

When is it best to build a house on the metal structure?

Anytime. The houses on the metal structure can be erected in any season, regardless of the weather. It is preferable to build in the warm seasons because it can ensure increased thermal comfort for the workers;

How many types of metal structure houses are there?

There are two types of houses on the metal structure: those made of prefabricated galvanized profiles (the ones we also use for the construction of houses) and those made of steel modeled at room temperature, with joints made directly on site. Both can have advantages, but the first ones are much more efficient in time, because the risk of errors is much lower.

Is it worth investing in a metal house?

Definitely yes! The final cost of a house made of galvanized metal profiles is much lower than the cost of any other type of house. The materials are common and cheap, the construction is simple and fast, the loss of material is almost non-existent, the internal surface is larger, the energy efficiency is very good and the operating cost is also very low.

Are there limitations regarding the built surface for a house with a metal structure?

In principle, no. When you choose the surface, you only have to consider the ease of subsequent exploitation.

Can subsequent modifications be made to a metal structure house?

Yes! It can be easily expanded, depending on the user’s needs. Also, the compartmentalization can be easily modified, by involving a designer.

Is there a risk that the metal structure affects the GSM or Wi-Fi signal?

Not! As long as the GSM or Wifi signal is within normal parameters, they will not be affected. Such problems appear, most often, in the case of houses with a reinforced concrete structure with steel bars.

Do the houses on the metal structure have a different appearance than the classic ones?

Only if this is desired. A house on a metal structure can look exactly the same as one on a brick, concrete or wood structure.

Is there a risk of an electrostatic field due to metal and electric cables?

Not. Metal structures have been used for a very long time, even for the construction of skyscraper-type buildings, without generating problems of this kind.

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