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Modular house – heavy metal

Container type structure

Initially, constructions made from containers were mainly used in camping parks, construction sites or for temporary accommodation in areas affected by natural disasters. These structures, technically known as “modular houses with a metal structure”, were originally built from decommissioned maritime containers, representing a quick and appropriate solution for such activities.

Currently, they are built from scratch, in a factory-controlled environment, where the technological process is carefully checked and represent a suitable choice for both a holiday home and a permanent home.

The houses made of containers have standardized dimensions, which can be modified and adapted to needs by adding windows, doors, dividing walls and can be placed very easily even in hard-to-reach areas.

How did container-type prefabricated houses appear?

Even if it seems like a new concept, container houses have already been on the market for several decades, but they became popular after the Second World War. The first container houses appear to have appeared around 1962, but these were quick constructions that did not require an elaborate plan, they were considered temporary settlements.

As time went by, the container houses became detached from this area of temporary housing and in a very short time they became the choice of those who want the comfort of a house, without investing considerable sums for the foundation or the construction of a conventional house. Due to the functionality, but also the very low cost, the container houses give the opportunity to architects from all over the world to express their creativity and arrange comfortable spaces for tourists and not only, thus creating even complex projects from such modules.

Characteristics of prefabricated container houses:

  • They do not need a foundation or a concrete platform.
  • They can be easily located in areas that are hard to reach for heavy vehicles.
  • They are mobile homes regardless of the season.
  • Significantly reduced production costs compared to conventional concrete and masonry constructions.
  • These houses are insulated, equipped with an electrical system and represent a very comfortable living space with a special design.
  • There is no need for a complex construction permit, only a location permit.

Modular containers are usually available in two standard height sizes. The most common models are the 2.50 m ones, but for customers who want a customized container, 3.00 m or even 4.00 m containers can be built.

The width of the modular containers can be 2.40 m and 3.00 m, and the length varies from 4.00 m / 5.00 m / 6.00 m / 7.00 m / 8.00 m.

The maximum length can be 12.00 m, which offers the possibility of creating larger and more open spaces, which lend themselves to a living room area with an open space kitchen.

These dimensions are standard and due to the fact that you have at hand an equal side for both versions, the construction can be made by joining them both horizontally and vertically. In practice, it is possible to design container houses that can have a P+3 height level.

The implementation is based on several main operations

  • Positioning by joining containers
  • Unification of container modules by welding;
  • Realization of cutouts for doors and windows;
  • Installation of other materials and installations that complete the project.

These work operations are carried out quickly and will lead to a drastic decrease in working time. Practically, the walls and the ceiling are already functional, and the structure itself is ensured by the own resistance of these metal casings. In most situations, a foundation in the known classical style is not necessary. However, when the geodetic study recommends casting a post-type foundation

The benefits of container houses

  • the standard for living space provides a minimum height of 2.5 m;
  • the price of a container house is significantly reduced compared to another conventional construction of the same size;
  • is gaining more and more popularity due to the simplified assembly process, most of the time, these container houses are delivered completely finished.

Recently, more and more customers choose to live in a container house for several reasons, starting from reducing the carbon footprint, until adopting the style

The advantages of living in a container house

  • Sustainability

    container houses are attractive because they are sustainable! Most container houses are made of recyclable materials.

  • Energetic efficiency

    due to the smaller surface, the need to use a large amount of energy for heating and cooling is reduced. Moreover, the energy efficiency of a container house can be increased by using foam insulation, a green roof, the installation of solar panels and even the choice of energy efficient appliances.

  • Modern look

    they have a modern appearance and lend themselves to the contemporary-industrial style. A container house is ideal for a person who wants to own a house that is characterized by simple lines and modern accents.

  • Fast construction

    perhaps the biggest advantage of these container-type houses is the fast construction time compared to a conventional construction, a container-type house can be delivered to the beneficiary in just a few weeks. Moving can be done immediately after delivery.

  • Personalization

    container houses can be seen as a Lego game, they can be adapted according to the needs and preferences of each client. Whether it is a container or the union of two containers, a huge window, all these can be achieved, so containers are very flexible.

  • Durability

    last but not least, container houses have a long lifespan. The metal structure is resistant to seismic movements, to fire, withstands strong wind, rain and snow and does not favor the spread of mold.

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